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Recap: International Digital Storytelling Conference

Photo of boy with UMass bear

Selfie with UMass swag from the 6th International Digital Storytelling Conference, photobombed by brother.

Way, way back in 2006, I presented on my dissertation research at the Inaugural Gathering of Digital Storytellers at MIT. Fast-forward to late September 2015, nearly ten years later, and I found myself at the grown-up version of that early gathering, with many of the same attendees: the 6th International Digital Storytelling Conference, jointly hosted by Smith College and UMass Amherst.

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Recap: The Conference on Community Writing

Back in the flatlands, with my new Colorado-branded hat.

Back in the flatlands, with my new Colorado-branded hat.

I spent last weekend – October 16th–19th – at the inaugural Conference on Community Writing in Boulder, Colorado, where I saw some excellent talks, climbed a mountain, and ate a lot of bean-and-grain-filled bowls (much harder to find a hot dog or a sausage in Boulder than in Chicago). The conference ran from Thursday – Saturday, and attracted mostly rhet/comp academics interested in community writing, community engagement, engaged research, public rhetoric, community literacy, and service learning, as well as in creating “sustainable infrastructures” for all of these. Continue reading

On Being a Pracademic

This is a presentation made on March 12, 2015, to students in DMA 527: Digital Media Arts Survey, a foundation course for students in DePaul’s MA in Digital Communication and Media Arts, a program that has some similarities to my department’s MA in New Media Studies. In this talk, I’ve been asked to: 1) provide an insider’s view into my work with digital storytelling (careers, professional experiences, insights), and 2) promote classes that students can take, should they want to pursue this line of study further.

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Presentation: Telling Meaningful Personal Stories in the Age of Status Updates

A presentation made on 2/5/15 to Alex Naylor’s “The Power of the Image” class at DePaul University…

1. What is Digital Storytelling?

  • Community arts process invented in the Bay Area of CA in the 1990s
  • Prototypical form = 3-day workshop, run by a trained digital storytelling facilitator or facilitators, in which a small group of ordinary people come together to write, workshop, and learn media production practices. Each participant leaves the workshop having completed their own digital story.
  • Digital story = 2-3 minute video, which consists of a self-written and self-narrated personal story, illustrated with images from the storyteller’s personal archives. The storyteller makes the video him/herself, with the support and assistance of others in the workshop.

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How I Work

I only read People magazine at my dentist’s office, but flipping through its pages, taking in the photos of celebrities walking their kids to school and toting around their Whole Foods bags, gives me a feeling that’s got something in common with that I get when I read Lifehacker’s How I Work series. Pleased by the glimpse, curious to see the minutiae.

How I work—and by that I mean reading and writing in preparation to teach and publish—has changed a good bit in the last few years. Continue reading