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Reading: Computers as Theatre

Laurel, Brenda (1993). Computers as Theatre. Reading, MA: Addison-Wesley.

At the recent iDMAA 2012 conference, I asked many of the faculty that I met for their recommended readings on the subject of interactivity, in anticipation of my 2013 Interactivity course. Brenda Laurel’s book kept coming up, and a few spoke of it with great reverence. After reading the book, I can see why for some—especially early generation digital designers—the book was so inspirational: it offered what for its time was probably one of the most fully formed humanistic approaches to computers, what Laurel herself calls a “new place to stand when considering the design of human-computer activity” (p. xxi). Continue reading

Reading: Orality and Literacy

Ong, Walter (2002). Orality and Literacy: The Technologizing of the Word, 2nd ed. London & New York: Routledge.

I first read Ong’s book back in graduate school, in Charlie Moran’s “Writing and Emergent Technologies” course (in 2004!). Ong wasn’t on the syllabus, but rather on a list of books from which we were to choose one to review. I can’t remember why I selected Ong, but I do remember my response to the book: I liked it. Ong’s claims about the differences between oral and print consciousness and culture were a bit of a revelation. Continue reading