Presenting to D-WRD: Learning and Teaching Video

Today I’m joining D-WRD, where DePaul writing teachers come together to talk technology. I’ll talk about how I’ve made a professional and academic career around telling stories with new media, and introduce the group to WeVideo, a student-friendly web-based video editing tool.

How a Writing Teacher Came to Teach Video

Before DePaul

2003: What will I research for my dissertation? My field site: Creative Narrations

Image of Lisa Dush at MIT Digital Storytelling Conference
Genre-informed implementation analysis! (My ‘complicated diagrams’ phase)

2004-2010: Storybuilders: Story first/writing first… then production.

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At DePaul

2011: NMS 501/WRD 530: Digital Storytelling in Organizations, Take 1: 6 organizations

2012: NMS 501/WRD 530: Digital Storytelling in Organizations, Take 2: 1 organization

The differences between Take 1 and Take 2, theorized in a Computers and Composition article

2014: WRD 377: Digital Storytelling in the Community (JYEL)
The digital story assignment and a student story (below)

2014: What I’m working on now

Image of Stories That Work
Stories That Work: A Searchable Database of Organizational and Cause-Based Stories (click image to visit site)

How Does a ‘Writing Person’ Learn New Technologies?

  • Take advantage of local resources: I learned how to edit video at BNN
  • If it’s possible, find a way to go to a professional development workshop
  • Experiment with hardware and software in pursuit of personally meaningful projects

Significant occasion videos (based on Will Yurman’s work)