Presenting at the Conference on Community Writing

The MA Program in Writing as a Provider of Nonprofit Digital Media Training

A presentation for the Conference on Community Writing, in Boulder, CO, on October 17, 2015.

1. My Background

  • Before PhD: professional writing and digital media teacher + tech trainer for nonprofit staff
  • Post-PhD Grand Plan: combine my two jobs—writing teacher and tech trainer—by forming a campus-affiliated D.U.S.T.Y. for nonprofit staff

 2. Beyond the Single-Class Roll-out: Inspiration & Ideas for the Future

Where can we find inspiration and ideas about how to develop a campus-linked digital media training initiative?

a. Already doing it/done it, in academia…

b. Other, non-academia-affiliated models…

3. Models for the Future

Three available models can help us see different alternatives for how MA programs might be providers of nonprofit digital media training:

  1. Community technology center
  2. Consultancy
  3. Network
Three models by which programs can offer digital media training (click image to expand).

4. Conclusion: Thorny Issues and Possibilities

  • Different models and rhetoric(s) are more or less appropriate for particular local realities.
  • Academic calendar and graduate student competencies are difficult constraints. Perhaps aim to create prototypes rather than deliverables in course-affiliated projects, with final project execution done by GAs or faculty.
  • The R Question (What to research?): issue clusters, especially around issues of writing, rhetoric, and digital media; post-training case studies, or ethnographies at organizations; applied research…
  • The F Question (How to fund?): foundation funding; issue cluster funding; affiliate relationships…