My research is broadly concerned with how writing is produced and circulated in the digital age. I am particularly interested in new media storytelling, and much of my research explores how organizations and communities can use digital technologies to produce and distribute personal experience narratives of clients, staff, and stakeholders. Overall, my research explores—even celebrates—the rhetorical possibilities of new media, yet it also tangles with the pragmatic and ethical challenges that we must face as we write and circulate texts with digital technologies.

My current research project is an evaluation study of an innovative online learning platform called Gather, which has been designed by a nonprofit organization to train a global cohort of grassroots organizers in strategies for community-driven change.

My recent articles include:

I have also published chapters on digital writing and the sustainability of new media writing practice in several edited collections: Composition and Copyright (ed. S. Westbrook), Story Circle: Digital Storytelling Around the World (eds. J. Hartley & K. McWilliam), and Technological Ecologies and Sustainability (eds. D. DeVoss, H. McKee, & D. Selfe).

Service-learning and community outreach projects are important to my work. To learn more, read about the Stories at Work project.