Day 1: Summer Digital Storytelling Course

For the first time, I’m teaching digital storytelling on DePaul’s accelerated summer schedule. The class meets twice a week for five weeks, which means there won’t be time to partner with community organizations and to train their staff to make digital stories, as in past iterations of the course.

In lieu of work with community organizations, we’ll spend more time than usual investigating the possibilities for creating nonprofit and cause-initiative stories in ways that are not strictly CDS-style digital storytelling, yet which share some of its core values, such as personal storytelling, participatory process, and affordable, DIY production methods. In addition to making their own digital story, students will add entries to the Stories That Work Database and work in teams to use the database to investigate storytelling practice as it relates to a sector or an advocacy issue of their choice.

Here’s an overview of the course and the Day 1 slideshow.